Social Thugs is a new all-in-one format that combines several systems into one easy to use menu. By completing missions, players can earn points that will go toward in-game rewards. Once a points milestone has been reached, spins will be added to the account. Please note that players may need to manually claim each reward, as it may not be automatically added to an account.

Currently, there are five missions (which can be completed multiple times) that will earn points towards the spin rewards:

  • Invite a Friend - 10 Points
  • Gift a Friend - 1 Point
  • Get Revenge - 1 Point
  • Friend Joins With Your Post - 1 Point
  • Recall a Friend - 5 Points

There are five spin reward milestones that can be earned once the requisite number of points is reached:

  1. 10 Spins
  2. 30 Spins
  3. 60 Spins
  4. 100 Spins
  5. 150 Spins

Once 150 points are earned, no further rewards are unlocked until the system resets every few days.