With the Casino update, players are now given an opportunity to build a Casino in game. This Casino can then be shared and enjoyed by other players via a social media link.

Opening a Casino

  • Casinos cost 30 Billion Coins to build.
  • Once you have 30B coins you will be prompted to build a casino once every 24 hours
  • Once a player has spent 30B coins opening a Casino, they can further upgrade it to a larger/better Casino by spending gems. You can click the Casino icon on the left to manage your Casino
  • Casinos earn their owners a percentage of all the coins spent by participating players. Initially owners earn 40% of all coins spent, and the larger sizes allow them to earn 60% or 80% of all coins. Different Casino levels also look different.
  • When you create a Casino, you get a Facebook prompt to start and name a new group
  • Casinos can be shared in game, via news feed posts. Obviously the more people that play in your Casino, the more you'll earn, so to make them effective players need to advertise them on FB.

Playing in a Casino

  • You can join a specific Casino by clicking the owners' shared link.
  • You will also be prompted (as the last pop-up) to join a Casino if you run out of spins
  • Once you have joined a Casino, Thug Life switches to a special Casino mini game. The mini game plays and looks just like a special version of our normal spinner
  • In this mode, to spin the slot machine you spend coins, not energy/spins.
  • As with normal Thug Life, there is a bet multiplier - you can spend up to 1B coins per spin.
  • Different results give different amounts of coins, as expected, with Lucky 7's being the best result.
  • You can still attack and raid friends in the Casino slots.
  • You can also still win energy/spins in the casino.
  • You are not allowed to play in your own casino (otherwise you would be betting your coins against your own coins).