The Clubhouse is an exciting new feature where you can earn promotion or demotion to different clubhouse levels based on personal performance.  Amass points in order to advance to more prestigious clubs with cool membership benefits and bigger rewards.  But beware, if you fail to pay your membership fees, you'll be sent to a less prestigious club!

  • The Clubhouse only becomes available after finishing level 20.
  • The first club level is "Street Thugs" - and membership to that is free!
  • There are six total club levels with increasingly better rewards.
  • The top 10 players of each club are shown in the leaderboard.
  • The more points you accumulate, the better the club you can access.
  • More prestigious clubs have better rewards: The top level club not only unlocks a 500x multiplier, but also multiplies shop purchases!
  • Clubs charge a daily membership fee, in the form of points. The exception here is that the first club "Street Thugs" charges no membership fee. If you run out of points and fail to pay the membership fee, you will be demoted to the previous club.
  • The top players of each club level win rewards at the end of the week.

Gaining clubhouse points can be done the following ways:

  • 1 point for every slot machine spin.
  • Finishing daily challenges.
  • Completing daily and weekly login streaks.
  • Making purchases.
  • Finishing new "Golden Maps".

Golden maps give players an opportunity to revisit an old map; they are encouraged to rebuild the map (which has a shiny golden sparkle effect on it) for coins, and in return they get huge amounts of clubhouse points.