What is the bet multiplier?

The Bet Multiplier feature allows you to multiply your winnings, but it will also use multiple spins each time. Each multiplier will increase the spin cost by the amount indicated (bet x 20 will cost 20 spins, x 100 will cost 100 spins, etc.), so it is important that you pay attention to what is shown before you spin. The maximum bet multiplier is curently x100.

How do I stop using so many spins?

On the slot machine screen, please try tapping the "bet multiplier" button until it shows "BET X1", otherwise each spin of the wheel may be costing you multiple spins - and if your bet multiplier is too high, you may not be able to afford the cost to spin at all.

When spinning at a higher bet multiplier, the rewards are increased as well, so we do strongly advise taking advantage of the feature.

Did you know...?

You can cancel the Bet feature by tapping on the BET button until it cycles back to "BET X1". The BET button can be found above the spin counter.

Why does my bet multiplier change?

When completing a frenzy objective, the game will automatically set your bet multiplier to its maximum value so that you are able to use your new spins quickly and effectively as you have a larger number of banked spins.  There is a message that pops up on the screen to inform you when the bet multiplier is updated.

Did you know...?

Your maximum bet multiplier is controlled by the game; if a specific bet multiplier is unavailable, then you need to bank more spins before you are able to spin at a higher value.  If you drop under the required number of banks spins, then the game may reset your bet multiplier at any time.