One of the core features of Thug Life, the Frenzy game mode is a fast-paced way to earn spins and coins while also competing against your friends to see who can reach the highest prize of 5 billion coins!

  • Each rank requires a varying amount of points, with the early ranks being very low, while the top ranks can be a few thousand points each.
  • A frenzy will only last for a couple days, and the remaining time can be seen below the frenzy icon in the upper-right of the game screen.
  • By clicking on the icon, you can see the requirements for the current rank, as well as the actions that grant frenzy points.
  • Hitting a triple frenzy icon will always give you frenzy points.
  • Different frenzy types run on different schedules. The schedule is as follows:
  1. Monday: 3 day frenzy
  2. Thursday: 2 day frenzy
  3. Saturday: 2 day Frenzy


Please note that the final number of frenzy ranks differ depending on the current frenzy, so it is normal to either need more or less points in order to complete each frenzy.