Gems are a new premium currency that can be used in the new Pawn Shop to purchase spins, coins, skins, and buffs. Gems can be obtained in the regular shop for money, but they can also be acquired from select social media posts as well as reaching a new territory in Thug Life.


Gems can be used to purchase specific buffs which activate time limited events. Please note that there are no explanations of what the events do prior to purchase, or an explanation letting players know that they only run for a limited time once activated.

  • Infinite spins   (5 minute duration)
  • Coin Mania     (15 minute duration)
  • Blinging Bets  (15 minute duration)
  • Turf Boss        (15 minute duration)
  • Map Frenzy    (15 minute duration)
  • Get Juiced      (3 hour duration)

Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop is a new in-game storefront where players can use Gems to purchase Buffs, Skins, Spins, and Coins. Players can also click the Buy Gems! button in order to purchase Gems from the regular in-game store.


Skins can also be purchased and equipped in the pawn shop. Skins purchased in bundles (ala Thanksgiving, Christmas) can also be equipped in the pawn shop.