A new chest icon has been added to the wheel.  When spinning, if you land on three chests, you are given the opportunity to hand out loot to your friends. 

What is it?

  • The first time a player spins 3x Chests, they will get a popup explaining how Handout Loot works.
  • It's important to note here that the rewards for recruiting friends vs sending loot to existing players differ based on which system you use.
  • A Facebook search window will appear titled "Play with Friends" showing you a preview of the post and allowing you to search for a friend.
  • In some cases, depending on the version of Facebook they are running, players may also see a pre-generated list of friends.
  • Players can select a friend or search for whichever friends they wish to send loot to.
  • Player should click "Send" for any friends they wish to send loot to.  The button outline will turn from blue to grey after sending.
  • The button has very little feedback other than the subtle change in colors, and the text still reads "Send" even after the loot has been sent.
  • After the loot is sent, the other player will be sent a Facebook/Messenger message from the sender with a loot link.
  • In order for either player to claim a reward, the receiver must click on the loot link.  Loot that is unopened will not give any rewards to either party.
  • Once the receiving player clicks the link, the game will open and they will be prompted to collect their loot.
  • The receiver will then be eligible to collect loot themselves.  The loot window will appear for them the next time they start the game, and they will then be able to claim their reward.

Additional Information

  • Loot chances are random - and it's important to note the wording is "Up to X", as that represents the maximum possible loot and not the guaranteed loot. Some players may expect to get the maximum amount of loot with each handout, but this is not how it functions.
  • As noted above, unless the loot is claimed by the receiver, no rewards are able to be claimed by the sender.
  • The "Play with Friends" popup utilizes the Facebook API - if there is an issue with searching for friends, then it is likely the player needs to either update Facebook or clear their Facebook cache. Failing that, since this is on Facebook's side, they should reach out to Facebook for support.