Please keep the following points in mind when determining whether or not you are missing squad rewards:

  1. In most cases, when you are not receiving rewards for a squad goal it means you either did not stack racks towards that specific goal, or the goal was not achieved before the end of the timer.
  2. You are only eligible to receive rewards for the specific goals you stacked racks for.
  3. If you stack racks towards a goal that later fails to be completed before the timer runs out, then no spins will be awarded or split between the contributing squad members.
    1. In situations where you stacked racks towards a failed goal, you should see a popup notifying you that the goal failed.
  4. The notification "Your Squad finished a level. Your reward is waiting for you in Thug Life!" is sent to all players in the squad, regardless of whether or not they stacked racks towards the goal.

If you still feel that you are missing rewards...

Please contact us by clicking the Contact button under Settings in-game, or by clicking the New Support Ticket button above.