Sneakers are a currency used to compete in tournaments (not Championships) with friends. Play against your friends to see who can get the most points and win the highest prizes!

Please note that milestone requirements and rewards are based on your play history and are not equal for all players - they gradually increase over time if you are hitting them all. Pay special attention to the requirements to submit your pending score to claim rewards, as they may have increased since you lasted played in a Sneaker Tournament.


  • Each Sneaker is worth 5 - 25 points each when part of a spin.
  • Clicking on a prize box will show you the points needed to complete the milestone and what prize you will win.
  • Sneakers are not impacted by the bet multiplier.
  • Sneakers still count for coins as part of the random roll, so nothing is being lost when this result is earned. You will get some sneaker points in addition to the random coin result on the slot machine.
  • A new sneakers icon appears on the left - by clicking this players can "Challenge" their friends, and will be prompted to post their tournament to their profile. By clicking on someone else's tournament, you can play in that one instead!
  • In order to receive rewards, you must click on the challenge button and share to your friends.