The Squad Leaderboard feature has been officially renamed Squad Leagues, and has additional features:

  • Squads compete across one week.
  • The top 3 squads from each league win prizes!
  • Squads can win promotion to higher leagues or face demotion to lower leagues. Based on your squad's performance, the squad can be promoted to a higher league or demoted to a lower one.
  • Different leagues have differing levels of rewards. Bigger leagues mean bigger rewards.
  • If a squad is promoted or demoted, the user will be prompted with a message upon their next login.
  • Squads are currently still named after the 'Administrator' in Facebook Messenger for each Squad.
  • Rewards are given to squad members proportional to their performance. Members that don't contribute won't get rewards. Those that do will get a share based on how much the contributed to their squad.