What is it?

Spin City is a system that incentivizes the social aspect of Thug Life by enabling you to earn rewards based on commenting on posts and sending friend invites. 


By completing missions, you earn better and better rewards, as well as increase your bonus multiplier (which will in turn grant you more spins). Please note that you will only receive rewards once your friend completes in-game actions. Once done, you will then need to click on your Prize Feed in order to obtain said rewards.

1. Comment on friend's post

    10% Bonus - Commenting on a friend's post will grant you a bonus of 10% to your multiplier, once per friend post.

2. Play through friend posts

    +5 Spins - Receive 5 spins, once per friend, when you play Thug Life through a post they made from the game.

Please note that in order to start these missions, you will need to click on the 'GO' button next to each mission.

Friend Actions

These rewards are granted by other players interacting with your game and/or posts.

1. Friend joins from YOUR invite

    +60 Spins - Earned when you invite a friend and they join from YOUR invite.

2. Friend joins from other link

    +10 Spins - Earned when a friend joins on their own or through someone else's invite.

3. Idle friend plays again

    +10 Spins - Earned when a friend who hasn't played in a week starts playing again through YOUR link.

4. Friend plays through your post

    +3 Spins - Earned when a friend plays through your post.


Until you have finished the first post-to-feed mission, you will be unable to finish any missions or claim any other SpinCity rewards. Events that take place before the first post-to-feed mission is finished will not count towards SpinCity progress.