What are Championships?

Championships are a playoff system where the goal is to get as many Championship points as possible before time expires. Once you get three attack or raid icons on the slot machine, you will automatically be entered into each Championship round. At the end of the round, you will receive rewards based on your final rank in the Championship, with higher rewards going to the top 3 ranked players. The remaining top 10 players will receive spins and coins, while all other places will receive a 1 million coin reward.


The number to the right of your name is your current score, which can be gained (generally) by participating in Attacks and Raids. Some Championships may limit or change the method of points gained, so please be sure to check the specifics for the Championship you are participating in.


How do points work?

Points are directly affected by your bet multiplier. So if the current Championship says you will get 6 points for a regular Raid, and 8 points for a Perfect Raid, then you can multiple that value by your current bet multiplier to see how many points you will gain from that result.

For example...

Aaron is participating in a Championship that rewards 6 points for a regular Raid.  Since he is spinning with a 100x multiplier, each regular Raid is worth 600 points to him!

If you are unsure of the point numbers, you can click on the Championship icon on the screen, then click the i icon in the lower right of the pop-up to find the exact number of points gained per action.



Please note that this number is for the Championship only, as points gained for a Frenzy use a different calculation.  It is normal for someone to get one point total for the Championship and a different number for their Frenzy level.


In addition, you can earn gift boxes based on your current score, with higher scores earning better boxes. Each Championship will have a number of boxes each round (shown above the progress bar), and each reward varies from round to round.


Tapping on the grand prize in the progress bar (one on the far left) shows the prize that can be won for this Championship. The grand prize is always the last gift available, right at the tail of the last progress bar. Tapping on the gift shows the milestone and the gift that can be received once the current milestone score is met.