You can obtain cards by completing territory levels as well as purchasing chests of various sizes. Cards come in sets, with more sets unlocking as you progress to higher-level maps. Completing a set will reward you with spins, with increasing spins rewards the higher the set rank. As you rise in level, the cost of the chests will increase, so always make sure you have enough coins to purchase your desired chest! 

Nine unique Cards make up each themed Collection. The cards themselves are ranked from one to five stars, with one being the most common and five being the rarest cards in the set.

Completing a territory level will award you with a couple of random cards, but the best way to obtain cards is by opening chests. Chests come in three sizes, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  1. Bronze chests contain 2 cards, with a high chance to get two and three-star cards.
  2. Silver chests contain 4 cards, and have a high chance to get three and four-star cards.
  3. Gold chests contain 8 cards, and have a high chance for four and five-star cards.


Chests can contain cards you already own. If you opened a chest and did not obtain any new cards, then you likely only pulled duplicate cards from the chest.