Duels are a fun way to play with your friends and win rewards! You can challenge your in-game friends, members of your group, or other friends on Facebook.

  • Duel groups are divided in Friends, Squads, and Community.
  • Winning a duel against a friend (via the Friends section) will grant the winner 20 silver.
  • There is a limit of 10 duels per day that can earn silver for a player.
  • Squads will auto-match your completed designs with other members in your squad with increased rewards.
  • Squads also grant bonus rewards to the group in certain requirements are met.
  • Community will show your current open designs that are up for voting, as well as other info with your group.
  • You can see the duels you have won/lost by scrolling down to the closed section. Duels won will show a trophy and be marked in green.