All purchases are handled directly by Apple, Google, or Facebook directly.  All purchases must also pass through verification to be approved, so there could be an occasional delay with payment processes. Payment verification is handled by the billing partner you made your purchase through, and we are unable to initiate a purchase or refund on your behalf.

I am having an issue with my purchase

If you feel a purchase has been made in error and you are looking for a refund, please contact your payment provider directly. We do not have access to your billing information and are unable to initiate a refund or purchase on your behalf. Likewise, if your purchase is being denied, you will need to work with your payment provider, bank, or credit card issuer to resolve the issue.

Contacting Apple support...

You can contact Apple support here.

Contacting Google support...

You can contact Google support here.

Contacting Facebook support...

You can contact Facebook support here.

I'm using iOS and I see multiple unexplained charges

If you see charges that you do not recognize, then please bear in mind that Apple often aggregates several purchases into one charge so it's possible this charge is for earlier purchases or is spread across multiple apps/games. We strongly recommend looking at your receipt closely or reaching out to Apple if you are unsure.

My purchase was successful, but I didn't receive it

If you made a purchase but did not receive it in the game, then please wait for an hour and try closing and opening the game again.  If you are still not seeing your purchase, then please reach out to us by opening the game, and selecting Menu > Settings > Contact Support.  Please make sure to include a copy of your receipt so that we are able to locate and verify your purchase.

Unable to find your receipt?

We have a handy article for that!