• From a meeting, go to Apps -> Heads Up!
  • Select any deck in order to begin a round:
    • Each round, a "clue-giver" and a "guesser" are randomly selected
    • The clue-giver will be shown a secret name, word, or phrase, and should use whatever means they can to get the guesser to guess it
    • If the clue-giver finds the word too difficult to guess, they can "Skip" at any time
    • If the guesser gets the word correct, the clue-giver selects "Correct"
    • When time is up, the next clue-giver and guesser are randomly selected


Heads Up! Gold

Heads Up! Gold is the premium subscription offer for Heads Up! for Zoom, providing unlimited free rounds with any deck. Cancel any time by opening Heads Up! for Zoom in any Zoom meeting, navigating to Settings, and selecting "Cancel". The first month of subscription billing occurs immediately on successful payment processing, and cancellation of subscription benefits are also immediate.


I don’t see an option to enable the app

Your account may be part of an organization with one or more administrators. Contact your administrator to enable the app.

The app is stuck loading / stuck on the splash screen

Please ensure that you are using the newest version of Zoom

I saw a "Zoom Apps are Disabled" notification when I was invited to play

Please ensure that you are using the newest version of Zoom

Still having issues?

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